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Gifted/SAS Programs

Please see the attached document for upcoming District wide Gifted/Talented parent meetings.



Taper Councils




October 13, 2015











School Description

As you enter Taper Avenue Elementary, you will pass by the K. Wayne Scott Auditorium, dedicated to a beloved past principal, and the school marquee that announces upcoming school events and meetings. On your way into the school, you will see many volunteer parents actively involved in improving student achievement. This kind of behavior and effort is indicative of the overall caring, dedication the school and community fosters.

     Taper Avenue Elementary School is a small, single-track suburban elementary school located in San Pedro, in the harbor district of the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Taper is a part of Local District 8 within LAUSD.  The school is comprised of 665 students Kindergarten through 5th grade. Taper’s current Academic Performance Index (API) is 912. The marked increase in student achievement over the past five years can be attributed to a dedicated teaching staff that has recognized and capitalized upon this diversity by utilizing it to motivate student learners to new and higher levels of goal attainmen

Mission, Vision, Belief, Goals



Our mission at Taper Avenue School is to ensure that all students will become self-directed, creative, and collaborative learners. Students will be able to listen, speak, read, and write in all curricular areas to become critical thinkers and effective communicators in a technological society.


The vision at Taper Avenue Elementary School is to provide the community with a strong academic program within a safe, friendly, technology-rich environment that allows all students to reach their fullest potential.


1. All students can, and will learn.

2. Parents are an integral part of their child's education, both at home and at school.

3. Learning is a life-long process.

4. Teachers and parents will be models of life-long learning.

Learning takes place best in a safe, clean, challenging, and non-threatening environment.


1. All Taper Avenue School students will be able to listen, speak, read, and write in all curricular areas to become effective communicators in a technological, information-based, and global society.

2. All Taper Avenue School Students will be creative and critical thinkers.

3. All Taper Avenue School Students will be self-directed learners who are able to work collaboratively.

Our School



Our parents are also heavily involved in the decision-making organizations of the school.  Parents are elected for a two-year term to our LEARN and School Improvement Councils.  These councils meet monthly and are open to all stakeholders.  Concerns and needs of the school, students and community are discussed and collaborative plans are made to address them.  We also have strong participation in our monthly meetings of the ELAC council and CEAC council. Both the Bilingual and Title I councils keep the LEARN council informed of decisions and concerns.

Taper's School Site Council (SSC) which meets on a monthly basis.  This committee is made up of 6 staff memebers and 6 parent/commmunity memebers.  Elections for this committee are held in Septemeber of each year.  Each memeber is elected to a two year term.  All Taper stakeholders are urged and welcome to attend these meetings.  This committee reviws budget expenditures and assists with developing strategies to reach curricular goals in all areas.  Please check the calendar for upcoming SSC meetings

~~School wide positive behavior support (SWPBS) is a whole school approach to discipline that includes systematic and individualized strategies for achieving social learning outcomes behavior while preventing problem behavior with all students. Taper has a committee made up of the principal, teachers, and parents.  This committee meets quarterly and reviews positive discipline strategies.  In addition, teachers meet in grade levels to discuss behavior support at the school. 




English Immersion Program
The goal of this program is to promote the acquisition of English by second language barriers. Teachers receive training on how to most quickly accomplish this goal.
Gifted/High Achievers Program
At Taper Avenue, students identified as gifted/high achievers receive additional classroom instruction and projects. Gifted students will meet together for ongoing projects and seminars conducted by our classroom teachers. Taper is also a "School for Advanced Studies (SAS)" and receives additional funds to promote differentiated instruction. Teachers receive specialized training through this same program.
Taper's curriculum is based on the California Content Standards in all subject areas in conjunction with LAUSD's Elementary Course of Study. Teachers meet every Tuesday after students are dismissed at 1:35 to assess and evaluate curriculum goals.
  Student Progress
Written report cards are distributed three times per year - December,  March, and June. A progress report is issued mid-way between the reporting periods to keep parents informed on the progress of their students. Progress reports will be issued in October, February, and May. Parent conferences are scheduled the last week of Novembe. Parents are encouraged to request additional conferences as necessary.

Closing the Achievement Gap
As a result of our recent parent survey and staff input, the following plan will be implemented to address closing the achievement gap. Staff training and student educational topics for success include the following:

  • Foss (Hands On Science)
  • Scholastic Reading Counts
  • ELP (Extended Learning Program)
  • Cross Age Tutor Program
  • Arts Program
  • Art to Grow On (Parent Program)
  • Learning Center Model
  • Literacy/Math Night (Parents)
  • Voyager & OCR Invervention Program
  • Touch Math
  • Renzulli Learning Program - Differentiated Instruction
Homework is assigned to reinforce classroom skills and to help students become self-reliant for independent work. We at Taper believe that four nights of homework each week (Monday-Thursday) are appropriate for our students. The duration of the homework will vary but limited to approximately one hour. Long-term projects may also be assigned to reinforce research skills.

Breakfast and lunch are served daily in the Taper Cafeteria. The Taper Cafeteria uses a cashless system for all students purchasing breakfast or lunch. Free lunch recipients are credited for their meals throughout the year once the application has been processed and approved. Reduced and full-pay students MUST deposit money in their account each year. Please make every attempt to become aware when your child has exhausted the funds in his/her account. Meals will not be served to students who do not have enough funds in their accounts this year until a deposit is made. However, students will receive milk and fruit.

Breakfast: Full price $ .60, Reduced price $ free
Lunch: Full price $1.00, Reduced price $ .40

PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)
We encourage every parent and interested community member in our school area to join and participate in the Taper Avenue PTO. This is a very active group dedicated to child welfare. PTO meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 2:50pm. This date or time may be adjusted around holidays and special events. .
After School Playground
Our after school playground will be open every day from the end of the school day to 6.00 pm. All school and playground personnel go home at 6:00 pm. Students are required to sign in and parents must sign them out for safety reasons. Parents are asked to park outside the school parking lot and to walk in to pick up their child.