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If your student is in need of a device to take home, please submit an online request below. School devices are for school use only. 

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Technology & Computer Lab

Welcome to Taper Tech!

At Taper, digital educational tools and applications are integrated with school curriculum and instruction to assist students as they learn new concepts while, helping to provide a more engaging experience in the classroom. Every student from TK-5th grade is issued   a three-year old or newer device to use at school. iPads are issued to our TK through 1st grade, while   2nd grade through 5th grade use Chromebooks to access a variety of interactive digital applications in math, language, and the sciences through the Schoology  LMS (Learning Management System) and Google Classroom.  Students are also offered free access to 24/7 real-time online tutoring through Paper with verified and certified tutors.



Classroom tech
                                                   Students in a classroom using Chromebooks



Computer lab

In our Computer Lab, students are introduced to the basics in computer literacy, and typing skills, as well as how to research educational topics, use the basics of Microsoft Word and or Google docs, as well as Google Slides, and how to set-up printer parameters to print their documents. Students can also access popular math and reading apps such as ST Math and Kids A-Z through Schoology or directly through the website icons below.

Student using a desktop.

                                                  Third grade - Fifth grade:

Google Docs

Google Slides

Google Classroom

        For TK-Kinder to learn phonics,              math concepts, and basic             mouse & keyboard skills. 

     starfall       Abc Mouse                Starfall                Abc Mouse

     Abc ya        Owlie boo                ABC Ya                  Owlie Boo



                                                                                           All Grades                                                 

     kids a-z          st math             Kids A-Z                   ST Math

     amplify         typing       Amplify Reading