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2022-23 LAUSD Student & Parent Handbook:

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Free Online tutoring

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 School Volunteer LogoAny person interested in participating in a school’s volunteer program, must complete the online volunteer application on the School Volunteer Management System. click on the image above to enter the system

Please refer to the Volunteer Application Process  

Guide to Volunteering:

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For more parent resources, visit the Parent and Community Services website.  click on the image below





For School Bus and Transportation information, visit the Transportation Services Division's website or contact our main office.

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Parent Resources

Welcome Parents!

At Taper we believe children who are supported by their schools, families, and community tend to perform better in school, stay in school longer, and enjoy school more. Parents are an important part of their child's academic, social, and emotional success and making school a positive and engaging place to learn. We welcome you to participate and partner with us in your child's education as future scholars.

Below you will find some important resources, guides, and links to help guide you to your child's education and connect with us, and as always if you have any questions or concerns please contact our main office.



Please begin here for information and guides on how to register or log into The Parent Portal a one-stop online system available 24/7 that securely connects you, the parent, to essential realtime information to your child’s educational progress and information.   

Schoology - /skoo-luh-jee/- is a learning  management system (LMS) that has content teachers create and assign to students for them to complete, as well as assessments they can take to monitor their progress. Students can also log onto various resource and educational apps.  Parents you must first have a valid Parent Portal account and have your child's account linked to your account in order to access.  

Class Dojo is another way teachers and parents can communicate throughout the school year. You must obtain a class code or invitation from the teacher, or try searching our school and then the teacher through the Class Dojo app or website to see if your child's teacher uses Class Dojo. 



Parent Register Guide English

Parent Register Guide Spanish 

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access the Parent Portal



Schoology Guide English

Schoology Guide Spanish 

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access the Schoology Portal



 Class Dojo guide

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access/sign-up for Class Dojo




Health & Wellness

The LA Unified Student and Family Wellness Hotline is available to students, families, and staff of LAUSD, during regular school days, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. The hotline provides support with mental health; accessing food, health insurance, and other basic needs; school enrollment; and immunizations.

Call (213) 241-3840. Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish. Or visit: The Student Health & Human Services Website

Uploading External COVID-19 Test  Record Guide (English/Spanish). 

Daily Pass Uploading External COVID-19 Vaccination Record Guide (English/Spanish). 

Frequently  Asked Questions About COVID-19 Protocols:

You may pick up a free At Home Antigen Test at Taper's main office if your child is showing symptoms for COVID-19.


For current protocols and important 

guidelines on COVID-19: please click

on the image 



Upload your child's at Home

Antigen Test: click the image 

to access the Daily Pass Portal

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Visit The Student Health & 

Human Services website: please click

on the image 

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Special Education Resources

The Division of Special Education has various resources available for parents. We invite you to take advantage of every opportunity to be an active partner in your child’s education. Workshops and training are offered throughout the school year covering various topics related to the needs of students with disabilities and the many ways parents can support their child both in and out of the classroom. 

Click here to visit The Division of Special Education's website or here for a list and links to Services & Programs. Parents are also able to access their child's current IEP through the Parent Portal. View or download: Guide to access IEP